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Adult Day Care programs provide peace of mind for caregivers and personalized attention for the medically frail adults that participate in these programs. Riverwalk Communities in Evansville is perfect for adults that need supervision, along with specialized, holistic care and the comforts of living at home. At Riverwalk Communities, your loved one is in good hands.

Riverwalk Communities’ Day Care clients enjoy busy days with structured activities and social programs. Our range of therapeutic and medical services are designed to be socially stimulating and promote the independence of participants and provide respite to families and caregivers. Adult Day Care is offered 6 days a week (Mon.-Sat.) from 7 am to 5 pm. Our nurses give medical oversight, administer medication, and provide treatments as ordered by a physician. Our nurses will provide daily assessment for signs, symptoms or changes in your family member’s health, alerting families or physicians when needed.

Riverwalk emphasizes a holistic approach to care-giving. Activities that clients participate in are individualized, designed to promote each person’s mental, social and spiritual well-being, as well as providing a creative outlet. In addition to activities, day care clients are under Riverwalk’s “umbrella of care” which means during their time at Riverwalk, clients will have access to on-site therapists, dieticians, beauticians and other similar experts.

Members are grouped by their cognitive levels and are placed into one of three care groups: Basic (Level 1), Enhanced (Level 2), and Intensive (Level 3). Those levels are staffed accordingly.

Door-to-door transportation to and from the facility with hands-on assistance is provided with a small additional fee, and day trips around the community are organized weekly. Two meals and a snack are served to clients daily.

For every person needing care, there is a caregiver in need. Let Riverwalk Communities help.

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If you really want to see why Riverwalk Communities is the best adult-care facility in the tri-state area, hear it from the people who know best. Read what our residents and their families have to say.


My husband’s first day of Adult Day Care, he made friends with everyone. I can tell he doesn’t have that emotional neediness and I don’t have that emotional burden by leaving him doing nothing all day.


My grandmother likes it there. I have stopped by many times and her room has always been clean. They have been very good at relaying information and the nurses have taken very good care of her. I haven’t had any problems getting any questions answered. The rooms are nice and they let her bring her own furniture and helped get it in the room the way she wanted it. The last time I visited she had 3 nurses/assistants in her room watching over her and all hugged and kissed her forehead before leaving.