Riverwalk Communities

Assisted Living

Riverwalk Communities works to provide everything you seek in both personal comfort and medical needs. Our staff is available for the needs of our residents 24-hours a day, with a wide range of other services and activities conveniently located within our well-staffed, fully handicapped-accessible facility.


It’s FUN living at Riverwalk Communities. Residents can enjoy fresh brewed coffee from the Canteen or rubbing a puppy’s belly during Pet Visits. ‘50’s Week is filled with French fries, hamburgers and milkshakes as well as music and cars from the 1950’s.  Residents of Riverwalk Communities Assisted Living enjoy their independence and privacy.  This goal can be reached by providing Private Room with the additional support services listed in the Amenities below.


For every person needing care, there is a caregiver in need. Let Riverwalk Communities help.

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If you really want to see why Riverwalk Communities is the best adult-care facility in the tri-state area, hear it from the people who know best. Read what our residents and their families have to say.


My husband’s first day of Adult Day Care, he made friends with everyone. I can tell he doesn’t have that emotional neediness and I don’t have that emotional burden by leaving him doing nothing all day.


My husband was a very vibrant, active person. He had a major heart attack, multiple bypasses; a portion of the heart is no longer functioning. While he was recuperating he had a major stroke. He’s had two minor strokes since that time. It affected his short-term memory. It was our intention for him to go [to adult day care] a couple of days a week, just to get him interacting with other people and to give me a break. He now goes five days a week because he wants to go. It really has made a tremendous difference in him and it has freed up my days. You go some places and you find babysitting. And that isn’t the case at Riverwalk.